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Spring 2021 Virtual Faculty Writing Retreat

Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Time: 8:45 am—4:30 pm

Facilitators: Lindsey Harding & Elizabeth Davis

Ready to celebrate the end of the semester with a day devoted to writing? Sign up for this year’s virtual faculty writing retreat! Read on to learn more about this year’s format and opportunities. Even though we cannot be together this year, we are excited to offer some opportunities to support your writing—and feed you


Lunch: Registered participants will be invited to order a box lunch to go for pick-up at the GA Center. You’ll just need to swing through the turn-around in front of the GA Center between 11:30–noon. This lunch pick-up could be a good time to get some fresh air, take a walk/ride to clear your head, and reset for the afternoon.  We will offer lunch to the first

Consultations with Writing Center Consultants: We are delighted to offer limited appointments with graduate student writing consultants during the retreat. When you register, you’ll be invited to sign-up for a 45-minute session with a trained consultant. Appointments available: 18. 

Copy-editing Slots: We are also delighted to offer copy-editing sessions. Two copy editors will provide hour-long sessions (editing approximately 4-6 pages, depending on extent of editing required). You’ll be invited to sign-up for a slot when you register. Slots available: 12.

Presentation from the Office for Proposal Enhancement: Finally, we are excited to offer a presentation about The Office for Proposal Enhancement and grant writing that is broadly applicable to a wide spectrum of disciplines, followed by time for Q&A. Time during the day is TBA. 


8:45am: Log on to the Retreat’s Zoom for a brief welcome and goal-setting session. We’ll plan to meet for 10–15 minutes.

9:00–noon: Then, you’ll have three hours to write! You are welcome to stay on the Zoom (on or off camera)—whatever will work best for you!

11:30–noon: Lunches will be available for you to pick up at the GA Center (order information available below).

12:15: Log on to the Retreat’s Zoom for a lunch hour check-in and reflection. You’ll be invited to join a breakout room to discuss your morning’s progress and set some goals for the afternoon with a group of faculty members. 

1:00–4:00: Three more hours to write! Again, you are welcome to stay on the Zoom (on or off camera)—whatever will work best for you to get to work!

4:00pm: Log on to the Retreat’s Zoom for a brief wrap-up and check-in. We’ll celebrate the day’s productivity together before sending you on your way. 

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