Write@UGA is an online hub for information on UGA’s writing programs, courses, resources, & events.

Write@UGA began as a collaboration between Lindsey Harding and Elizabeth Davis in Fall 2015 with the goal of supporting campus-wide efforts around writing. In the first year, Write@UGA partnered with UGA’s Center for Teaching and Learning to bring in a nationally recognized speaker and host various writing-related events. Since then, Write@UGA has evolved into a series of annual events around writing and writing instruction at UGA, including a February guest speaker lecture and workshop series and a May faculty writing retreat. Additional events have included pedagogy workshops, publication exhibits, and panel discussions. 

The website for Write@UGA was created to establish an online umbrella for writing programs, initiatives, activities, events, and support on UGA’s campus. The site’s mission is to provide the university community with a gateway to access writing-related information, news, and links. As a comprehensive digital resource, write.uga.edu offers UGA students and faculty a single online hub to explore writing at the university. For site visitors from other universities, write.uga.edu showcases the incredible resources UGA offers to support students and faculty as writers, as well as writing instruction across the disciplines and throughout the curriculum.