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Write@UGA: February 2017!

February is writing month at UGA! This year’s events will include workshops for faculty on writing in the First-Year Odyssey Seminar and in large classes, an exhibit of writing programs and publications, and a lecture and workshop by our featured speaker, Rachel Toor. Here’s a list of dates to put on your calendar:

Monday, February 13:
Teaching, Assigning, and Assessing Writing in Large Classes with Dr. Lindsey Harding

Participants will learn about writing-intensive practices that can be implemented in classes across the curriculum with enrollments ranging from 30 to 300. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to develop instructional materials and plans for their own large-enrollment, writing-intensive courses.

Wednesday, February 15:
Writing in the FYO with Dr. Elizabeth Davis

This workshop, designed for those who teach a seminar as part of the FYO program, will focus on creating successful and appropriate writing assignments for one-hour FYO seminars.

Thursday, February 23:
CTL National Speaker Series presents: Rachel Toor

Lecture: Writing for Love, Money, and Applause (and to Snag Academic Jobs, Tenure, and Promotions)

Rachel Toor draws on her experiences both as an editor of scholarly books and now as a creative writer to outline the reasons she thinks so much of academic writing stinks (hint: one of the biggies is fear) and give her top ten strategies for how to write better academic prose (including almost too-obvious-to-speak-aloud tips that often get overlooked). The talk will be geared to academics at all career levels, from graduate students to full professors who care about writing better.

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor: Workshop for Graduate Students on Revision

In this workshop, graduate students are encouraged to bring papers they are working on to learn strategies to revise their own prose and make it sound like something that was written by a human for other humans.

Crafting a Nonfiction Book Proposal: Workshop for Faculty

In this workshop, Rachel Toor will describe the components of a book proposal. Participants are encouraged to come with an idea for a book, a draft of a proposal, or even a complete manuscript, and together we will work through each section.

More event dates to come – stay tuned!

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