Welcome to Write @ UGA —- the go-to information hub for all things writing at the University of Georgia, including the annual Write @ UGA Celebration and Showcase of Writing held in February.

At UGA, we believe writing is an integral part of a well rounded academic experience, no matter the background, no matter the degree. That principle has led to the creation of numerous initiatives, courses, programs and scholarships that deal extensively with writing. Best of all, these programs exist within and across nearly EVERY branch of the University. So, whether you are a skilled writer looking to polish your composition skills and make yourself more marketable, an engineering major who has not written formally since freshman year or anything in between, this site will give you the information and resources you need to Write @ UGA.

Perhaps you are a professor looking for new ways to integrate writing into your classroom but are unsure where to start. There are many resources and programs here that can help you and your student writers. For example, programs like the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Writing Fellows Program offer faculty the opportunity to come together to study writing pedagogy and develop resources and methods that foster writing at the University of Georgia. This site also features more practical information like how to add a “W” suffix to designate your course as writing intensive.

Whatever your writing needs, there are members of the UGA community ready to help! Explore the Red, Black, and Write!