The Georgia Review

publishes work from writers around the globe and has been a highly esteemed force in the literary world since 1947. The Review seeks works with the potential for lasting influence to encourage diversity in the social conscience. Its overall mission is to create an environment that continues to support and cultivate literature as art. To subscribe, submit work, learn more about internship opportunities, or contact the staff, visit the Georgia Review online.

The Red & Black

is an independent newspaper organization with a website updated daily and a weekly print issue distributed in Athens, GA. The paper covers University of Georgia and Athens news, sports, arts, music, culture, and opinion pieces and gives UGA students a chance to gain experience in various aspects of media/publishing. Visit the Red and Black’s website to learn more and get involved.


Since 1967, Stillpoint Literary Magazine has been a force for art and literature here in Athens. A student-run magazine, its purpose is to give new and experienced writers a chance to have their work appear in a locally supported venue. Stillpoint publishes new work online frequently and in print once per year. For FAQs, archives, and information on submissions, visit Stillpoint’s website.


is a student-managed magazine, published quarterly, featuring stories on UGA student lifestyles, Athens community events, and popular locations. The magazine makes student involvement easy and offers opportunities in writing, editing, photography, and design. For more information or to get involved, email