W Suffix

The W Suffix helps students identify writing intensive courses on Athena. Courses with a W suffix count for credit toward the Writing Certificate Program and help showcase attention to writing on student transcripts and in faculty reporting.

Instructions for Applying for the W Suffix

  1. Log into to the CAPA system and select either “Begin a New Course Proposal” to create a new course or “Begin a Course Change Proposal” to modify an existing course.
  2. Enter the course prefix and number.
  3. In the next field check the radio button for Writing Intensive Course (W Suffix).
  4. In the “Non-traditional Format” field enter the following language:

    This version of the course will be taught as writing intensive, which means that the course will include substantial and ongoing writing assignments that a) relate clearly to course learning; b) teach the communication values of a discipline—for example, its practices of argument, evidence, credibility, and format; and c) prepare students for further writing in their academic work, in graduate school, and in professional life. The written assignments will result in a significant and diverse body of written work (the equivalent of 6000 words or 25 pages) and the instructor (and/or the teaching assistant assigned to the course) will be closely involved in student writing, providing opportunities for feedback and substantive revision.

  5. In the either the “Course Objectives” or “Topical Outline” field, indicate what kinds of writing assignments will be assigned and how they will be distributed throughout the course of the semester.
  6. Please check this link for deadlines for submitting proposals through the CAPA system: https://www.capa.uga.edu/Capa/CapaDeadlines.html