Writing Fellows Program

writing_fellows_slideAre you interested in learning about best practices in writing pedagogy? Do you want to develop courses and resources that will support your students’ writing development? The CTL Writing Fellows Program helps faculty who want to be the best teachers of writing they can be.

The Writing Fellows program was established in 2007 by the Office of the Vice President of Instruction. A group of up to twelve faculty are selected as Writing Fellows each academic year. The Fellows meet regularly throughout the year to discuss the most effective ways to teach and to respond to student writing, studying research that substantiates the best practices for helping students develop as writers. Each Writing Fellow receives a $1,000 stipend to subsidize projects aimed at constructing courses, resources, or initiatives that will support student writing at UGA.

Over the years, Writing Fellows have developed new assignments, courses and curricula; conducted writing workshops for undergraduate and graduate students; and created a wide variety of resources to help UGA students with writing.

For information on applying to the Writing Fellows Program and to see a list of faculty who have participated in the program, please visit http://ctl.uga.edu/faculty/writingfellows.